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  • Inonotus Obliquus (Wild Harvested Chaga) Liquid and Capsule Supplement

    Inonotus Obliquus is the scientific name of the Chaga mushroom. Chaga is a fungus that looks like the charred remains of burned wood. Physically, Chaga is hardened and crusty formation that looks like a bursting tumor. There are various products of Inonotus Obliquus (Chaga) in the form of tea, powder, cream etc. You can buy most of the Chaga herbal products from Amazon because it has a wide range of Chaga products.

    Some popular Chaga products are:

    Activa Naturals Chaga Mushroom Supplement – 120 Veg. Capsules with Chagas Mushrooms (Inonotus obliquus) Extract Powder as Natural Antioxidant Support for Immune System and DNA Health

    ACTIVA CHAGA MUSHROOMS SUPPLEMENT Activa Naturals Chaga Mushroom Supplement contains pure Chaga mushrooms of 120 veggie capsules, 2 capsules per serving. Further, it is totally free from gluten, dairy, soay, corn, GMO, chemical and hormone. Well, this Inonotus Obliquus product has so many benefits for the human body. Activa Naturals supplement naturally supports your cardiovascular health, blood sugar health, and it greatly provides the required nutrients to human body.
    Activa Naturals Chaga Mushroom Supplement also supports immune system, reduces inflammation, and it can be good source of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. This product is greatly formulated for the mushroom lovers. Read more…

    Chaga Alcohol-FREE Liquid Extract, Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) Whole Mushroom Dried Glycerite 2 oz

    Chaga Alcohol-FREE Liquid ExtractChaga Alcohol-FREE Liquid Extract contains only natural ingredients, and the liquid is prepared using classic conventional methods of extraction. On the other hand, the product carries the required standards where the herb is extracted according to the distinct characteristics of each plant. This Chaga Alcohol-FREE liquid is made respecting the nature. Also the company uses only ethical and certified source of wild harvested materials. You can easily buy this Inonotus Obliquus liquid from Amazon. The bottle contains Chaga whole mushroom dried glycerite in the size is of 2 oz.

    The liquid extract is free from alcohol, gluten and GMO. And the conventional methods have been used to prepare Chaga Alcohol-FREE Liquid Extract. Read more…

    Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom Dried ~ 2 Ounce Bag ~ Inonotus obliquus

    Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom DriedEstatic Earth has now made Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom Dried (2 Ounce Bag). The company (Estatic Earth) provides high grade organic/wild crafted products. All the herbs are carefully weighed and packed in recloseable bags for easy use.

    Wild Harvested Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) Mushroom Dried is fresh and powerful product, which is perfect for tea, tincturing and many other uses. Also, this product is packed in a USDA grade bag, which is heat sealed for your protection. Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom Dried is also available in 1 fluid oz., 2 fluid oz. and 4 fluid oz. tinctures. Read more…

    Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom Extract Tincture ~ 1 Ounce Bottle ~ Inonotus Obliquus

    Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom Extract Tincture Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom Extract Tincture is prepared by Ecstatic Earth, which is a green friendly company that focuses on providing only high grade organic or wild crafted products. All the tinctures from Ecstatic Earth comes in a light resistant amber colored bottle, and they are sealed with temper-resistant seal. Amazingly, Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom Extract Tincture is cold processed with a 1:4 herb/alcohol ratio, and are allowed to steep for six weeks. This is the Chaga mushroom product, which is highly appreciated on various blogs and in forums. The tinctures are fast acting and are easily absorbed into your system. Read more…

    Birch Fungus Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) 50g “Altay”

    Birch Fungus Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) 50gBirch Fungus Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) 50g “Altay” is a highly recommended product. Also, you should know that Chaga is good for blood cleaning. The product has good ability to get the toxins out of your body. Amazingly, you can make a tea from this or mix it with other herbs such as Schisandra, Fo-ti root, which are great combination for students with love to do some sports as well.

    This Birch Fungus Chaga will surely give you the energy you require, and it can greatly improve your capacity to concentrate. Also, the Chaga product is very helpful to reduce stress. Further, it has good taste, and you can make a tea mixing a bunch of other herbs. Read more…

    Tao Chaga Wild Harvest Canadian Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) Chunk – 1 lb (454 g)

    Tao Chaga Wild Harvest Canadian Chaga MushroomTao Chaga Wild Harvest Canadian Chaga Mushroom comes with potent beta glucans, and has good properties of anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating. Also, This one LB of wild Chaga can brew up to eleven one-litre batches. There is no doubts that wild harvest Candian Chaga mushroom has a long history. You can say that it is an old folk remedy of North Europe and Russia.

    The wild harvest Candian chaga mushroom is hand-harvested with care from Sault St. Marie (Canada). On the other hand, this product is made available by Tao Leaf, wich is Toronto based Fine Tea retailer with free shopping and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Read more…