Chaga Tea – Organic Herbs • Rich Source of Antioxidants 2 Pack

Chaga Tea – Organic Herbs • Rich Source of Antioxidants 2 Pack

Chaga fungus does not like the shape of a common fungus known to the public. This fungus has a view that does not seem to be attractive as like the burned skin. Despite its appearance, this fungus has a great reputation in the world of herbs. This fungus is commonly found in the northern hemisphere and therefore has long been a traditional medicine for the people who live there. This fungus contains vitamin B5 with a very high content. The content of vitamin B5 in this fungus obtained from the process of absorption of vitamin B from Birch tree. Chaga tea is caffeine-free tea and one solution for lovers of herbal tea. This tea contains all natural minerals that can be found in the wild chaga mushroom. Read more…

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