North American Herb and Spice Powder, Chaga Syrup, 4 Ounce

North American Herb and Spice Powder, Chaga Syrup, 4 Ounce

Chaga mushroom is a legendary fungus for the Russians. This fungus has long had a reputation as a powerful medicinal mushroom. This fungus is believed to enhance male vitality, memory, and the body’s resistance to disease. This fungus is commonly found in the forests of northern Siberia adhering on a tree. This mushroom’s shape is not attractive and it is often covered its amazing ability. Regular consumption of this mushroom can increase the body’s health significantly. It is often associated with the fact that this fungus contains antioxidant compounds with very high levels. For your information, the FDA has encouraged everyone to increase the consumption of foods containing antioxidants. Read more…

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